Iím a Believer... Now

"Dedicated to Zack"
And a little child shall lead them.

There was a time when I could look at you and honestly say.
As for religion, I didnít really believe your way.
But now after a tragic moment and as the story goes on.
Within my heart a new feeling has began to dawn.

The other day something happened to bring me to my knees.
Something that dealt a blow to my heart and caused my blood to freeze.
I was standing in my carefree world in a carefree time.
Thinking all was wonderful, could see and touch all that was mine.

Then there came thunder and a shock like a lightening bolt.
I stood as I heard the news, a lump was in my throat.
The child is missing, gone, no longer can he be heard or seen.
I knew right then and there it was on your Lord I must lean.

No, I was not ready and I knew deep within my heart.
That I wasnít prepared to let this child from me depart.
But then I had no one to call on except friends to do their best.
But I had a feeling that God would have to do the rest.

They all searched high and they all searched low.
But to no avail was he anywhere they did go.
But then all of a sudden, a whimper and cry so full of fright.
A small child all cuddled in fear on a dark cold night.

So now that it is over and he lays all nestled in my arms of love.
I must admit within my heart, it only happened to prove your Saviors love.
He has let me know that He is "real" and now it's up to me.
To let go and admit to myself, I love Him for all the world to see.

© By Harriett Dash 2002