"Honey, I Ďm Home
(old man winter)

Its here again the winter time so cold and blue.
Thatís what happens to me , donít know about you.
I canít seem to laugh and run in the leaves of fall.
Canít get adjusted to this cold at all.

Maybe toward Christmas when I know its here to stay.
Its all bright and shiny with snow I can be on my way.
Canít seem to find a coat that's just right.
Ones is to heavy and the other to light.

A sweater is not enough and layers you have to shed.
Old man winter in my heart is such a dread.
I see others all smiles, making welcome the cool breeze.
Me, it make me sick and makes me want to sneeze.

Iím not a winter person, Iím summer and Iím spring.
I like the warm weather and to hear the robins sing.
I know one morning I will wake and will hear no sound at all.
No singing of the birds, and no more fall.

Old man winter will be here to stay and take over the year.
Yes , that right now is my greatest fear.
No more barefoot but socks and shoes I will wear.
Flannel PJís and blankets everywhere.

"Nope, I am not a winter person, to much to have to do.
Oh, Summer , Summer, what happen to you.
You came for such a short time, I am sorry you couldnít stay.
I love to hear the children with laughter at play.

But now all is quiet and the stillness is cold and blue.
Yes "Winter" you are cruel and I donít like you.
So hurry and get here and get on your merry way.
And just because of me don't feel like you have to stay.

© by Harriett Dash 2003