Hewed Out Of A Rock

Woe is me, I hear you say.
This I dread another day.
 But did you ever stop to think.
Like a rock you would sink.
If you had no troubles to get through.
Just joy and laughter came from you.
 Of Jesus you would have no need.
To his word you would not heed.
But with troubles he sharpens the stone.
So as useless things not out we are thrown.
 So count your troubles as trials and you will see.
It痴 exactly what you need.
At first you値l moan and then you値l cry.
But you値l be stronger as time goes by.
 Then at the end of the tunnel you値l see the light.
And then you値l know things are right.
   (Inspired by My Son: Pastor John Dash)

by Harriett Dash 2002    Home

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