Heís Not Just A Man

Donít tell your troubles to people for they have their share.
Take them to Jesus for He will care.
Each person has his own sorrows and battles to fight.
But Jesus never sleeps or slumbers at night.

Go Pray

If you stand in darkness and fear your flight.
Then look to Jesus for He is the light.
If your heart has grown weary and thin.
Donít another persons ear bend.

Go pray.

Jesus will send an Eagle and your burdens will flee.
All you have to do is get on bended knee.
But the world has enough sorrow and grief.
So look to Jesus for relief.

Go pray.

Jesus will not pretend to care.
But your burdens He will bear.
He will remove with the touch of his hand.
For Jesus is Jesus "He's not just a man."

Go pray. 

© by Harriett Dash