Here Comes the Bride

Our little princess all grown up in her pretend gown
All smiles and laughter and running around.
I'm glad its pretend because all to soon
She will really be in the dressing room.

She'll always be our princess our first born child
Since she came into our lives we all wear a smile.
She's always been a pleasure and fun for us to hold
She's high spirited and oh so very bold.

She knows where she stands and she stands for Jesus Christ
When you ask, you don't have to say it twice.
She's loves church and is such a blessing to us
We know  with her our hearts we can trust.

Never to break them or to let us down
She's a diamond now and someday will wear a crown.
She's so full of laughter and can hold her own way
You can't outwit her on your best day.

She's beautiful like her Mom and smart
Thinks of others from her heart.
She's witty like her Dad and will make you laugh out loud
She's so beautiful she stands out in a crowd.

Now I am not prejudice this is all true
What would you say if she belong to you?

By Harriett Dash 2001  


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