Here are the nickels

Harriett and brother, Danny Seigo

When you and I were young my feet you  could not tickle
I remember for every time you made me laugh, I'd give you a nickel.
You see to get a good foot rub I'd pull every trick in the book
So I kept a lot of nickels, they laid every where you looked.

You'd say I need a nickel and I'd shake my foot at you
You'd start to rub and do the best you could do.
I guess that is what big sisters are for to aggravate the young
You were always the best , you were so much fun.

You were gentle and kind and always there to please
I'd hold out a handful of nickels and you'd fall to your knees.
Then I'd hand you not three or two but only one
You wrote it down in a black book and take off in a run.

So now I owe you for all the years of rubbing my feet
You couldn't make me laugh much but the foot rub was neat.
I love you special my brother, you are really one of a kind
And very seldom does a  day go by you're not on my mind.

Just to see  you smile or laugh at what I do and say
Seems no matter the age will  always make my day.
Never change dear Brother Dan to me you'll always be
The best brother in the whole world at least you are to me.

My best memories are of you in your cowboy hat
You'd pull them guns from the holster and say gimme that.
I knew you wanted my nickels but they were worth fighting for
So I say no, rub the feet and you'd fall to the floor.

Rub and rub for at least two seconds flat
Grab the nickels and run and  say that's that.
But I know I still owe you for all the work you have done
So here's a  handful of nickels and thanks for all the fun.

By Harriett Dash 2001  

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