Heaven's Gates

When I look up at the stars and the moon
A light from heaven filled my room
God spoke and filled my heart with love
The real tender kind that comes from above
He said, my child, have no doubt or fear
When you look up I am always near.

My heart did melt and the tears did flow
He spoke and said,  I'm everywhere you go
This hear, the day will come when the sinner will moan
But I leap with joy at the thought of going home
The mighty King will welcome  me there
And I will sit in a golden chair.

The table will be set  special for me
And all my sisters and brothers I will see
All those that have gone on before
Will be waiting for me at the door
Their arms I know will be open wide
And he'll be standing by their side.

Oh what excitement there will be
When heavens gates I do see!

By Harriett Dash