Heaven Or Hell

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The nights are dark but all is well
I know its great in heaven, what about hell?      
In heaven there are streets of gold
And hell is hot, this I have been told.

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Neither to visit or there to stay
You can bet, Iím not going that way.
There will be pain and gnashing of teeth
Sorrow, screams and plenty of grief.


Iíd rather see heaven, how about you?
Itís a very simple thing to do.
Live a life that is clean and pure
Watch the devil and his lure.

He makes sinful things look good
Itís his job, we knew he would.
He has tempted us since time began
Itís his place to deceive our fellow man.

Open your hearts to kindness and love
Stay close in the arms of the one above.
Jesus says the way to heaven is through me
And the love of God is the only Key.

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©  By Harriett Dash 1995