Heart Breaker

Isn't this a handsome guy I think so
He's so cool when on his motorcycle he does go
I hear a noise and think it's thunder but its not
For this young man on his motorcycle he has got

Even in his pickup truck he's the coolest thing
And some day I know a girl he will bring
Home to meet his family and our hearts will soar
For someone to settle him down, we  can't ask for more

But right now he's so busy just being cool
Trying to be careful and not really break the rule
All in all someday he will grow up to be the best he can
Someone we can be proud of a good christian man

There is no need for him to run there is no place to go
For the prayers of this family are the seeds we do sow
The Lord has promised to us this child would to him belong
But for a little time in the world he must roam

But all to soon it will be over and this young man will be okay
He loves the Lord and knows the word and the right way
So I am not worried about him because all in all 
The Lord has made a promise and he will make the call

Harriett Dash 2001 


(top picture not a part of graphics by Dot)