Hay Loft

They are tossed and turned and rolled over and over:
These hay bales smelling of sweet clover:
From the loft the sun was shinning through:
To bring memories back of fun things to do:

I used to climb to the top and down I slid:
Never thinking of what I did:
I played in the hay and ran in the loft so dark:
With sparkles of morning dew and the sound of meadow larks:

The spider web went round and round I knew no fear:
Never thinking a spider may be near:
I laughed so hard and ran and screamed:
Life was so easy and nothing mattered it seemed:

I wish for those times again:
But now I am a woman and hay I canít stand:
The child in me has gone never to return :
I now live the life I have earned:

The smell now makes my nose twitch and tickle:
My love for the hay loft has grown fickle:
But memories linger on never to fade away:
Just to return on another day:

I still love the smell of fresh baled hay in the loft:
Only problem now is all it does is make me cough:

© By Harriett Dash 2002