Have You Ever Wondered  

Why are there days filled with gloom?
Why are there thorns where roses bloom?
Do you feel troubles on every side?
Do you feel as if you've lost your guide?

Better than having friends or feeling your best.
Is the Savior within  to give peace and rest.
When you feel happy moments are running slim.
Look to Jesus and let him in.

There will be fewer days of gloom.
And roses without thorns will soon bloom.
You'll remember for your sorrows he cried.
And He's always standing by your side.

You feel your patience is almost running out?
Your nerves are on edge and you want to shout?
You want to quit and throw up your hands.
You're through trying to understand  the works of man.

Then remember His time was also running out.
He neither cried nor did he shout.
But reached out and gave His outstretched hands.
Never understanding, "He" who created man.

By Harriett Dash      April 2004