Grandpa's Girl

Kenny Dash with grand-daughter, Laura

I'm amazed at the contentment a child can bring
It puts joy in your heart and makes you want to sing
She looked at me with tear stained eyes
I knew I had to be witty and wise

So I told her a story of a shinny pot full of laughter and love
She looked at me  like an angel sent from above
I then went  on and said it was all mine
But I'd share it with her for a short time

She sat very still and with eyes so intent
Off into fantasy land I then went
I told her only joy and laughter would open the lid of the pot
But she'd have to share what ever she got

The key is a giggle but it must be just right
So I tickled her and held her so tight
She said with eyes open wide in wonder
I heard it Popaw, I heard the thunder

I heard the lid open and a giggle burst from inside
So off she went with her little eyes all dried
We now had a secret that only we two knew
We only used it when our heart was blue

Just a little giggle will open the pot
A little fantasy story she never forgot

By Harriett Dash 2001  


(top picture not a part of Graphics by Penny Parker)