Its great to be happy when you are young
But now my life has really begun.
I am a Grandmother  and great is the feel
The fun begins and its so real.

They keep us  and make us what we are
Back to catching lightening bugs in a jar.
Running when we thought we were done
Life seems better now so much fun.

I try not to be so serious but laugh and sing
Don't worry so much over the bath tub ring.
The day will come when you look around
You won't hear a single sound.

Then you can do all the things that need to be done
Right now is the time to grab those kids and run.
Kick the can and black jacks play
Hula hoops and kisses along the way.

This is what proves you have won the test
I love you Mamaw and Popaw you're the best.


By Harriett Dash 2001