Graceful Age?

Is there such a thing as growing old with grace?
Not  me, I cover the wrinkles on my face.
I love it when people  say its all in your mind.
Tell my face that and try to be kind.

I smile and my face smiles back.
They call them laugh wrinkles but I call them age cracks.
I move a little slower and its not all in my head.
I seem to be getting attached to my bed.

I want to sleep in and take naps more and more.
And it takes a little longer to answer the door.
But  I have noticed with each passing day.
If I speak to a young person along the way.

They have the gift for thoughts of never growing old.
So I  am inspired by them for being so bold.
So I refuse to get older and I think young thoughts.
I may be wrinkled but up in their youth I'm  caught.

I know I have  tomorrow and that's what counts today.
So I spread a little laughter and joy along the way.
Then I can look back and say I did all I could do to stay young.
And you know being young is sure a lot more fun..

by Harriett Dash  Oct. 2003   Home