Golden Threads      

I see a vision, blue sparkles and hints of gold:
Two arms reaching out to the lost in the cold:
A Jacket of blue trimmed in sequins so bright:
Came to a child of God in the middle of the night:


The threads were bare and so much work still to be done:
The sleeve was torn on the uplifted one:
The seam had been gently undone with loving care:
For threads of gold had been placed in the tear:

Uplifted it seemed the arms had been held so high:
The pressure of time and years gone by:
But then from heaven came a glitter of Blue:
Sprinkled on the coat just for you:

The seams now were all sown with threads of Gold:
Now through trials and troubles the jacket would hold:
Now all strong again with threads from the masters hand:
To reach  the lost in a thousand lands:

A Friend of mine that has a TV program came to me and told me of a dream she had about me and it touched my heart so that God gave me this poem. Thank you Maryann for loving me enough for God to let you see me in a dream.   Feb. 29, 2000

  by Harriett Dash