God Thought

Adam and Eve....
I wonder how they felt having no memory of being a child.
I wonder how they  knew when it was time to smile.
Its seems to be strange to be born all gown up.
Never knowing a Mothers touch.

I think they missed out on many things of life.
Doing all they felt and never thinking twice.
No responsibility or being told to get up or go to bed.
Never wondering at first where to rest their head. 

Never having to cry or feel pain of any kind.
No evil thoughts  to fill their mind.
But born in perfection from God above.
God thought He put in enough love. 

Not knowing what its like to fall and someone not care.
Because I think God was always there.
So it makes you wonder  why they fell by the wayside.
They let the devil deceive them and make them hide.

They hid from the one  who gave his all.
When God upon them made his call.
But I guess it still rings true today for us.
We are always running from the one that we should trust.

So it doesn't matter if you love someone and give all you've got.
Love isn't Love if in the heart its not.
So we must be patient like the Father is up above.
And just pray that we put in enough love.

By Harriett Dash