"Give In Order To Get"


A heart full of love was given to me
It was meant to share with someone in need
Love isn't love till you give it away
 Its hard to keep inside from  day to day
 You know when its time for love to depart
 You see a child or a broken heart.

When there is a crack in your heart, it makes you feel bad
This happens every time we are sad
 You need to give love every day to someone you know
 There is no danger of an overflow
 Don't keep you heart locked up in a cage
 Without use it will grow old and hard with age.

God gives us in the beginning a heart full of love, but it must be refreshed daily. In order to be refilled it must be given away. We must love them whether they are right or wrong: This is what keeps your heart strong:

Love makes you laugh.

by Harriett Dash 1998