"Get Busy For The Lord"

As we look around us, all the fields are white:
And quickly comes the darkness of night:
You've heard the words but do you understand:
We're in debt to our fellow man:

When we are saved and children of the word:
We're responsible to see that all have heard:
It seems that lately all we hear:
Is how the end is coming near:

Have we shared the good news he has to bring:
Are we sounding brass or bells that ring:
Stand up Christians, be counted for the Lord:
Put on your shield and carry your sword:

March like a soldier with your book in hand:
Share the Lord with your fellow man:
Remember the sinner also has a soul:
Don't let his harsh words turn you cold:

You have all that warmth that comes from above:
You have Jesus and His love:
Talk of kindness and the words that are true:
If you're sincere He'll listen to you:

Remember, you owe  them, this woman or man:
We as Christians must do all we can:
Feed them not the grapes of wrath:
But show them the heavenly path:

by Harriett Dash