From The Heart

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From the heart there comes sadness or joy
The heart is something real, not just a toy.
We should treat it with respect and give honor when due
The broken heart could be the one inside of you.

Its not like a box of candy with it's odd little shapes
It can't be mashed in the middle and not expected to break.
Even though some hearts are soft centered and some are hard
They can be ripped and torn as easy as a card.

Some are tender and gentle and shed a tear as we speak
Some are tough and hard and never spring a leak.
Try never to say anything you may have to take back
There's no glue made for a heart that has been cracked.

Pain never leaves, time just hardens the scar
That precious gentle heart will always be marred.
So be kind and keep words you speak soft
When you break a heart, you must count the cost.

Think when you speak, is it going in your own ear
So just say the things you yourself would want to hear:

If you have had your heart broken by a hurtful word be thankful,
 your heart is tender and open to have mercy and forgiveness for others.

By Harriett Dash 1995     Home