From Faye To Christopher

You came into our lives with a cry and a shout
We now have something to laugh about.
We thought we had seen the sunshine but that's not so
Until you came along we really didn't know.

What the sunshine was or the dew upon the ground
Now we just live to have our precious baby around.
The cute way you hold your head and look around to see
If me or poppy are there to set you on our knee.

You giggle or smile or even from sleep open your eyes
And then what life is all about we do realize.
Now the reason we are here or even exist
Is for your precious little hug or just a little kiss.

As I look into your eyes, I can see it now
In you, your daddy lives and part of me somehow.
I know and feel now my life is complete
When you at the door I do greet.

Your arms reach out and the twinkle in your eye
No matter how tired, my heart gives out a sigh.
I know heaven's gates were left open and to us you came
The angels must be looking, but it's their loss and our gain.

(Christopher and Mark - 2000)

By Harriett Dash 2001