This was our first to whom we gave our heart:
Never thinking of the day from us she would part:
If pets go to heaven, she will be there:
Jesus is holding her with tender loving care:
She's watching as everyone comes through the gate:
She'll bark and bark but she will patiently wait:

She was one of the best things in our home to come:
I remember the night when Dad came in we all began to run:
No pup could we see in his open hand we did look:
But then a wiggle  in the pocket  as small as a book:
We all waited with joy at the arrival of our new pet:
This was our first but better yet:

She stole our hearts and filled our lives with joy:
She was another member of the family not just a toy:
At night in my bed she would sleep by my side:
Had to be in  the car  and loved a good ride:
She had a mind of her own and a personality  too:
We had to careful of what we would say and do:

She's gone now but not from our heart :
The memory of her will never part:
If you have a pup, treat it with tender loving care:
You never know how long they are going to be there:

By Harriett Dash 2001  

Morgan and Frito