Freedom Of The Mind

Sometimes the treasures we have are hidden deep within our soul.
It doesn't really bloom until we've grown old.
We're too busy in our youthful days.
Being carefree and happy in our own ways.

Not looking at others or knowing their thoughts.
For it's up in me and myself, we are caught.
But as age comes on us, we begin to think and look around.
We hear others speak, so many different sounds.

A person's heart crying out, a sadness on their face.
Things we didn't see before because of the race.
Is it possible in those days we could not really see?
Our imagination was there but was of yet not to be.

Now as age has come upon me and I've slowed down a bit.
I have a tendency not to run as much but to sit.
I take my time now and see the magic of life return.
I'm wondering what I missed and for the future I yearn.

Youth is wasted on the young and this is so true.
For they know not the things that you and I do.

By Harriett Dash 10/18/04     Home