For God So Loved

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, He gave His only son
He had a feeling something would go wrong and something
had to be done.
He talked it over with Jesus, I can see Him standing there
He handled the situation with such tender loving care.

He said we are going to have to let man go a little ways on his own
See if he can make it and look over the cries and moans.
But Jesus stepped in and said Father let me go 
Let me warn them and talk to them so they will know.

I'll take the disease  and the suffering and the stripes upon my back
For the knowledge of you I know they do lack.
But please don't hurt them, give them to me for awhile
God looked at His son and on His face He placed a smile.

But son, you don't  know, you just don't understand
I admit I made a mistake in creating man.
The earth has harden their hearts and they are wicked and mean
They will hurt you and abuse you and I will have to come on the scene.

"No, Father let me do this for I love all mankind
I think with a chance to talk to them  I can change their mind.
So God let him come and like He said it all came to past
But Jesus saved the world by choice from hell's hot and fearful blast.

So choose this day, It is up to you where do you want to be
With Jesus by the throne of grace or in the blazing fiery sea.

By Harriett Dash 2001