For A Second Chance

As I look around, I live in a house I call home.
The peace, the quiet breaks my heart for I am alone.
I had my chance my love when you said "come with me".
We'll share the world together and the sights to see.

But I stood back all prim, proper and proud.
Instead of my heart, I listened to the crowd.
He's young and wild they said, you can't make it alone.
I was afraid to step out from the warmth of my home.

As now the fire burns, my heart is hard and cold.
My fear now is being alone and without love, growing old.
A memory of your passion lingers as in my chair I do rock.
I look out my window, can it be upon my door You do knock?

Oh, for a second chance, my heart begins to cry.
This time no matter what, I will not pass it by.


For A Second Chance was inspired by a lady that lives all alone and one day I was thinking of why and if she had the chance would she take it. Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

  By Harriett Dash 1996