Flash From The Past

Our Past makes our Present.
Our Present makes our Future.
Our Future turns back into our Past.
Life goes on and on with or without us.
Make someone's Present a wonderful Future.

All through our lives we collect memories and experiences. Some are good and some are bad. We try to think as to why it was so difficult at times and then other times so easy. But I think Life gives us a chance to look at things differently. We grow up feeling all kinds of emotions. As we grow older it is up to us to pull out the good memories. The laughter, the fun in life. Donít dwell on the bad times, they hurt, pick out the good times and smile. Every aspect of life teaches us. Our heart feels all the effects of life, it can either leave a scar or a feeling of security. In death we learn how others feel and can share in their pain, in happiness we also learn about happiness and can share in their joy. I choose what I want to feel, to know I made it to this place and time and I made the choice. Our memory of the past gives us the opportunity to change our future I leave you with this one thought as I share my happy memories and once in a while a sad one. I wish to keep sad memories to myself unless in some way I think it may help you, the reader.
Braided Hair
Canning Time
Feather Beds
Flitter Night  
Fried Chicken
Grand-dad Shelton
Grandma's Gold Teeth
Grandpa's Lunch Box
Great Grandpa Vandyke
Heating Iron   
Hidden Gift 
Invention Of The Telephone
Kerosene Lamps
Lillian's Story

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Lockie and Grandma Shelton
Morning Coffee
Movie Time
Runaway Grandpa
School Days
The Corn Crib
The Old Coal Chute  
The Old Country Road
The Old Maytag
The Old Spring House
The Orphanage
The Pillow Fight 
 The Sick Room
The Wardrobe
Three Girls One Bed
Two Grumpy Old Men  
Wash Days