Five Stones of Time

The Battle's not mine said "Little David".

David was a protector of sheep and knew how to work the sling.
When at unrest to his flock a song would sing.
He was the son of Jesse and had been taught to be strong in His might.
So he didn't back down from the  battle he knew he had to fight.
David never forgot where he came from, a humble boy in the field.
Raised knowing God was God and how before him to kneel.

But then the day came when a great job he was called to do.
To slay the giant and maybe his brothers too.
So five stones he picked up from the brook.
Knowing exactly where to look.
The Lord told him they were placed there for this day. 
To slay the giant and his brothers if they got in his way.

Saul offered his armor but of this David had no need.
He knew what he could handle and God was in the lead.
So he picked up five stones that have traveled down the river bed.
They were ready for the battle that was ahead..
David knew God was in charge of the battle and it was not his own in fact.
His faith in God from a little boy was still intact. 

We face battles to make us strong and deliver us from Satan's lure.
But before entering into battle pray and make sure.
Its not one we made out of the will of God.
For if its one of our own, a rough path we will  trod
So leave the battles  to the Father and  just fight the ones for us that was meant.
The battle to make us strong, we will win, if from Him it was sent.

By Harriett Dash   
Jan 2004    
(Top picture not a part of
Graphics by Penny Parker)