Fishing Hole

Worms  "Yuk"  

I told my brother as we sat by the brook.
I can't put this worm on the hook.
So with gentle hands my Bubby took control.
I said, "Can I do that when I am old?"

Can I stand a mushy worm between my fingers?
Is it dead or does it wiggle and linger?
He smiled and said with words so true.
I'll do it once and show you.

Then you can do it and see for yourself little one.
Fishing really can be a lot of fun.
This is what worms were supposed to do.
So we can have fun, me and you.

So we sat by the stream and he smiled again at me.
I knew he was thinking how can it be?
That one so small could fish without a worm for bait.
He had caught none and I had caught eight.

I just set back and wiggled my toes
Caught my fish in a net made from nylon hose.
He said, you don't need me it seems you're doing okay.
I think I'll just sit here and watch you fish today.

By Harriett Dash 2002      Home

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