Fallen Leaves

Good Morning world, and how are you today
Summer is leaving and winter is on the way
It's so beautiful how the leaves float on the wind
Giving us a chance to renew our lives again
Gone as time is  on its merry way
Burdens and cares are gone of yesterday.

Seasons do come and go as our lives may also be
Time is closer to the end as we all can see
As leaves fall to the earth and then fade gently away
We know we are not sent here to stay
We know somewhere a great being stands so very tall
Because of the great creations he made for each and all.

So watch the seasons, as they truly do come and they do go
For the day will come when you will think you know
What it is and even what is the time
But to know God, will be to know his mind
And this we will never do its not meant for me or you.

Things will change in a quick moment of time
Then it will be to late to know Gods Mind
He has come and gone, you missed the  call
Gods people gone...one and all....

By Harriett Dash  


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