Faith Is As A Baby

Faith like a baby when born is brand new
Faith is something God gives to me and you.
It starts out as a grain of mustard seed
But grows and grows with every good deed.

We must water a seed as we do a child
Opposite of baby, Faith gets lighter with every mile.
The bigger the Faith, the easier to hold
As a child the bigger also means more bold.

We know in birth the child is our child
We can always carry it just one more mile.
Never a burden, no matter how grown
We do and do and sometimes moan.

The same with faith as it comes from deep within
We know with faith we can overcome sin.
It comes with trials and burdens of care
But we know in our hearts Faith is still there.

We are born and re-born to another day
Knowing Faith will show us the way.
So when you look and see a small child
Think of Faith, Chin up go another mile.

God gave us the moon, the sun and the stars
He sees Faith building through all the scars.
He placed a seed within our deepest soul
Only opposite of baby, Faith never grows old.

ęBy Harriett Dash 1999     Home