(If God makes a promise  He will not break it. He promised to save our household if we
would serve Him to the end.  It's the heart that keeps you out of heaven not the world.
The world didn't give you eternal life and the world can't take it away.)         


Even At The Bar

I'm sitting here on the bar stool  when the door open wide
I looked up and and wonder filled my eyes.
Was I the only one to look up and see
Was this holy vision just meant for me.

My mother told me the day would come
Because as a child I was a chosen one.
I laughed at her and kissed her cheek as I went on my way
Not really  knowing sooner than I thought there would come the day.

The vision came right to me and said "Son now is the time
Make the decision tonight to become mine.
I twisted and I turned in hopes no one could see
I said are you sure you're talking to me.

Yes the vision said in a voice I thought I knew
And then through tear dimmed eyes she said it's you.
You see my Mom had gone on years and years before
But  I saw it was her as I fell upon the floor.

She said she would come to me when the time was right
Never talking to me till then, so I knew this was the night.
You see she told me son I want you by my side
So when its time for you to come home, with you I will abide.

She took me by the hand and I heard her speak to God and saw Him smile
She said this is him Lord my son my only child.
You said Savior you would  save him if in you I would  stay
So now Lord its your turn to help him along the way.

God reached down and touched my hand and  washed me white as snow
I knew then it was with him I had to go.
As I walked out the door that night  I looked back to see
Laying on the bar room floor was a man that looked just like me.

My mother came back as she said and brought the promise too
He's not just waiting for me but also waiting for you.

By Harriett Dash 2001