(The After Feeling)

How can everyone just walk around like everything's okay
Do they not understand what I went through today.
a part of me is gone, never to be looked upon again
How can they just walk around, my heart does not understand.

I guess because there is a smile upon my face, it's hard to believe
That someone so precious to me took the chance to leave.
Life goes on, the sun shines and the wind insist on blowing
I guess the pain is just for me without anyone else knowing.

The memory as a child and her holding me in her arms
Protecting me from all the worlds harms.
When I was sad, depressed or blue
She, as a mother knew just what to do.

But now I am alone as far as a Mother is concerned
But all my love and respect, she has surely earned.
The memory of her will never fade as long as I shall live
To think of her everyday is the least I can give.

For all the years she gave to me with unfailing love
I know she's looking down on me from heaven up above.
But for now the pain is fresh and my heart is in despair
When I touch her things and look around and she's not there.

I know people say with time the wounds will fade and heal
But as for now this moment, what they say can't be real.
I feel a breeze upon my face like a gentle kiss
Just for one more perfect day, this is  all I wish.

I think I hear her voice in the wind in the tree tops
I hope and pray it never fades and the memory of her never stops.

By Harriett Dash 2001     Home

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