Earth Angel  




Sudie Dawson

There are no words that can really say how you changed my life, 
But I will try to in the only words I know.

I remember the night I looked up front and  to you were attracted
At first I thought in my mind I  have over reacted.
But as time went on I knew within  my heart
That God was in this arrangement right from the start.

I have never met anyone with a tender heart so true
Just the mention of  the Lord brings tears to you.
I know he's your Savior and for others your heart is an open door
Just to know you is a gift from God I couldn't ask for more.

The way you pray for others as if they were your very own child
Brings joy to my heart and to my face a smile.
You are so very special and I want all the world to see
The words that I say come from God and not just from me.

When I speak of you he comes to my mind
You are special to him and one of a kind.
Your laughter rings out all over the land
He holds you and your love in the palm of his hand.

When you  sing the joy of the spirit is everywhere
I feel even the angels in heaven have to stare.
You make the lightening flash and thunder roll through the sky
That's the sound of a thousand angels passing by.

God says come see what I have done
The voice of an earth angel has been spun.

By Harriett Dash 2001      Home