Dream On Barefoot Boy

Boys come in different sizes and colors but are so much alike.
They all chase lightening bugs in the night.
First you can see them and then gone are they.
To wish and hope and dream then run away.

All too soon their dreams seem to run and hide.
For in a man's body, dreams and wishes can't abide.
Hand in hand as a child the barefoot boy does run.
He's in control of his life and his games of fun.

For he does not know in his dreams his life will survive.
All too soon the child in the man must run and hide.
For in a little boy laughter is the joy of life.
They know not of troubles, toil and strife.

They jump in puddles, run barefoot in the rain.
But lose the joy as man hood they gain.
Think back "oh man" to when it was you lost the child.
The laughter and joy and fun and the smile.

Regain it all for your life on it does depend.
For without the boy inside your life could end.
Without the imagination of what as a child you enjoyed.
The man you are now could be destroyed.

by Harriett Dash 2002