Do you believe in Forever? 

Do you believe in forever?  
Then reach out and take my hand.
Know in my great wisdom
Your life I understand.

You may think I am somewhere else
 And can't hear your call.
But stop and think of prayers answered
You know I heard them all.

How many times have I said "Yes Child"?
And in your circumstances made you smile?
Then stand firm on your foundation
And know that I am near:
Close your eyes think with your heart
 "I Hear".

There is  distance to your prayer
Heaven it does reach.
But your hope and faith in me 
You will have to keep.

This is one  special gift 
Among many gifts I have given to you.
It's the Faith within your heart
Know  I am listening to you.

Sometimes we ride out the storm
For strength that we need.
So stand strong in my love 
And wave not like the reed.


By Harriett Dash 2001     Home