Down Memory Lane

There is an old  antique store that sits beside of the highway:
There  are many things inside that have a lot to say:
I could stand for hours and think of way back when:
It lets me know the life of a lot of my kin:

I wonder how they did it when no running water or electricity:
How did they eat with out watching  TV:
The old radio sat there and all the things within:
It was singing and talking nothing about worldly sin:

There were no color or nationality:
There was just a voice and it didnít matter to me:
What did they do in summer months  in weather of 90 degree:
My air conditioner is the only way to go that I can see:

And in terms of travel a bicycle is all I could find:
The horse power of  my car is all that comes to my mind:
It takes me back to being a child and watching Grandma cook:
She didnít ever need a recipe or writings from a book:

She had a big old dishpan and inside she threw what she thought:
It was stuff from the garden  and the chicken that she caught:
Now I just like to look Iím  glad I am not there:
Donít think my life could take all the wear and tear:

Where would we be today if all we had was what they left for us to use:
I know Iíd take them to court and sue them for abuse:

© By Harriett Dash 2002