Some people say you can't find True love, I disagree:
I found you and you found me:
God blessed us both with hearts already full of love:
Love for our children that came from above:

I know God put us together we are special in His sight:
I remember the look of love in your eyes on that moonlit night:
When you hold my hand  I feel like I am complete:
I searched for true Love and you were the one I was meant to meet:

God in his wisdom knew our family together would be:
Because from his throne in Heaven all his children he can see:
He looked down and saw two broken hearts that needed love:
But it had to be special the kind that comes from above;

You see there is a difference in worldly feelings some are not real;
But we know in our hearts, yours and mine just what we feel:
When I enter a room my heart for you begins to seek:
All I can see and hear are the words that you speak:

They form a circle around my heart as does this wedding band:
In Gods book of life our names are written with his own hand:
So now I want you to know, my love is forever true:
There will never be anyone else in my life but you:

On each other now we  must and will forever lean:
As we place our hands together let nothing come between :

By Harriett Dash 2001     Home