Dentist Office

Now tell me just what you think about this
Donít squirm around and twist and twist
But I think the dentist bought his drill at Sears
Because when heís done it still rings in your ears.

But really I think this is how we in the chair feel
The thought behind the great big drill
Famous words like this "wonít hurt a bit"
Your head is numb and you canít feel your lip.

Then the questions like does this hurt, are you okay
You think you are answering but you canít say
When I walk in I say give me the gas
Doc says, there are questions I want to ask.

I say, I donít care to chit chat
Just gas me up and let me sit back
So then I hear the big famous sound in my ear
The drill, the lights and then the fear.

But then he says, okay Iíll be right back
Its all over and heís fixed the crack
He pats me on the head and gives me a smile
Doc walks away with his own cool style.

© By Harriett Dash 2002    Home