Delaney Beth Kirgis

As I sit here looking into your beautiful face
I wonder as to how this all took place.

I thought our life was full and we had things to do
But now I know I was not living until I had you.

I know all grandmothers think alike in their heart
But to me you're the most beautiful right from the start.

No one told me what would happen and how my life would be
When you came into my world and from the start blessed me.

My thoughts are all different and mostly are of you
What things are going through your mind and new things you will do.

You just roll over or sit up and we all laugh with glee
Then you open your eyes from slumber and you look at me.

You fill my heart with love like has never been before
In my life my darling you have opened a brand new door.

Your smile brightens my day and lets me know there is a God above
One who looked down and saw we all needed some special love.

I hold you in my arms and my heart is overflowing with happiness
I want you to know my precious in me you can always put your trust.

You have brightened up my life with your flight from Heaven to earth
I know God has a plan when He designed your wonderful birth.

I know the other angels miss you but that's okay
For now you are our angel and it will always be that way.

By Harriett Dash 2001