Debbie’s battle with Food

Now you have to be there to know how this came about.
Debbie is perfect and neat without a doubt.
If you know her this you would not believe happened but it did.
Under the seat she could have slid.

It started with breakfast on the chair she sat.
Food left behind was on her back.
Not her back but backside a spot so small.
But to her she wanted out to crawl.

We laughed as Teresa cleaned her spot.
She kept saying make sure all of it you got.
For we had spent the night with my sister Lou.
She had no more clothes to change into.

Then for dinner it was funny so funny you see.
I looked at Debbie and she looked at me.
We sat at a table that was flooding from mountain dew in the floor.
The hose had busted loose and it was headed for the door.

We moved from the table and as she sat down to eat again.
The food just slipped from her hand.
Then the catsup on her burger liked her lap better than her mouth.
We laughed out loud because we are from the south.

We asked the waiter to bring her a bib and he did ..
But she wouldn’t wear it so in her pocket it was hid.
We had such a good time with the waiter, up North he was from.
We was from the south and with us he had fun.

As Deneice spoke her order he smiled and looked and said "WHAT"?
I wonder as to his expression what he thought.
I said we are from the south so I ask my sister to order for me.
He then looked at her and did the same thing you see.

But then said he was kidding and having some fun.
But we held our own and put him on the run.
It was so nice and we together had a great time.
I love my sisters and I am so thankful they are mine.

We can laugh with each other and sometime even at.
But when troubles come for each other we will bat.
I thank them for loving me.
This is the way sisters are supposed to be.


© by Harriett Dash July 2003