Dear God

God, can you hear me, can you hear me cry
Are my prayers going up, please tell me how high.

Did they just go to the roof top or to heaven up above
Did I pray hard enough to reach your love.

Did I say the right things, tell me if I did okay
Please answer me Lord did I go all the way.

What Lord, you say you barely heard my prayer
Are you saying Lord, I didnít make it there.

Lord I hear you when you speak to me
Am I your face not going to see.

What Lord, you say it's Love that opens heavens door
You mean I can see you if I love you more.

Alright Lord Iíll get it right this time for sure
Because this time I have the key to the door.

Is this right Lord, now I am on bended knee
First it's for the sinner I do plea.

Now for my lost loved ones that are out in sin
What Lord, now you say my prayers are in.

Now you say I must trust and believe
And after this for all I ask I will receive.

Oh, thank you Lord, I love you too
And you know Lord, that isnít hard to do.

© By Harriett Dash 2001