Days Gone By

Please don't tear it down because its old and filled with decay.
We need those memories of how it was yesterday.
I miss things that are gone, new ones aren't always the best.
Its the old that's still here that has stood the test.
When all is gone, how can we  look and say.
That was a long time ago but I still remember the day.

Memory is a test of the mind, but our eyes still need to see.
Where things are and not where they used to be.
People are loosing their minds and thoughts more each passing day.
There's nothing left behind to remind them of yesterdays way.
There is no past to think about for the future is here.
People have destroyed all the things we held dear.

Weeds and trees stand where homes used to be.
No signs of life, laughter or love, nothing left to see.
What goes through the eyes enters through the heart.
Without those memories, our world will soon fall apart.

As I traveled down the road one day I saw a set of steps, just that a set of steps. They had been left behind. They used to go to a home many years ago but now was torn down with only weeds there. A family had lived there, children raised there but now not even a memory, all the laughter  that used to be gone. Nothing to remind us of how it used to be.

By Harriett Dash 1996     Home    

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