Day of the Feast

There was a day when after the word was fed.
Upon the people there came a dread.
What shall we eat they spoke to each other.
They mumbled and grumble to one another.

Then there he was the little boy with five loaves.
Poor, dirty and forgotten with raggedy  clothes.
How many loaves do you have, he was ask?
He knew he was important at last.

I have two small fishes and five loaves of bread.
Were the words the little boy said.
The disciples  whispered among themselves and spoke to the Christ.
But Jesus didn't even have to think twice.

He raised up the baskets and blessed the food for the need to meet.
And  thousands of people had enough to eat.
They were amazed and astonished and looked toward the master, the King.
Knowing in their hearts He could do anything.

All was quiet as the Master prayed the prayer of faith.
The people not knowing or even expecting what took place.
Then the weeping as they ate the manna from above.
The food that came from the Father of love.

Today it's the same, if we reach up, He reaches down to us.
To prove He will bless if in Him we trust..
How dramatic it must have been on that day .
As it is now when he washes our sins away.

He never changes, He is the same today , yesterday and forever.

By Harriett Dash    1/10/04      Home