Day Dreaming

I was just sitting here and looking at the leaves fall.
It lets me know even the seasons heed the master's call.
I have never seen such beauty as the color of the leaves.
God knows just how to send a perfect breeze.
They just gently glide never in a hurry to kiss the earth.
Not knowing it's in the plan of His new rebirth.

From the dust of the earth we came and to it we shall  go again.
It's called creation and it's all in God's plan.
Some people do so, just gently glide into his hands of Love.
I think they know the secret and see him up above.
I have seen some just look up and smile.
They seem to be happy to have traveled that last mile.

What a joy it must be to look up and see.
To know in a twinkle you will be sitting at his knee.
Oh the wonders of heaven and all that glory at the sight of God.
Makes it all worth while the miles we have trod.
So as you watch the leaves fall gently to  the ground.
Know the master is watching , he's looking all around.

by Harriett Dash Oct. 2003