Darkness Of Midnight

When in the darkness of midnight and you're all alone.
You feel like you are miles away from home.
You can look to the other that has been there
One who has traveled the path, one that cares.

He stood alone with no one to care for His life.
They scorned and mocked and caused such strife.
But He knew just exactly what to do.
If you'll listen to His voice, He'll tell you too.

He looked to His maker, His Father up above
The one who had filled His heart full of love.
So He bent His head down and called their name in prayer,
Yes, my Saviour Jesus, He's been there.

They spit on Him and left Him in darkness, they thought alone.
But He knew this wasn't His home.
So while here on earth He did His job well.
To save the scorners and mockers from a living hell.

So if you feel lonely look up, you're not alone.
For Jesus is waiting by the heavenly throne.
His arms are open and He has a smile on His face.
Because He is saving for "YOU" at the table a special place.

by Harriett Dash  October 2003