Cool Dude

Have you ever driven down the road and something catch your eye
Well if you had seen this cool dude, you'd never pass him by
This long tall stranger is a wonderful fellow I know
He should have wheels for feet, he's always on the go.

Never a dull moment always something to laugh about
He's a handsome guy in this there is no doubt
I think he knew even then
He would  ride a horse like the wind.

Even as a very young man
He kept his horse ' Mighty Big Man in hand
He would sit back with shoulders straight and tall
Win those trophies over them all.

God knows your dream, ones that are true
If with patience you wait, they will come  to you
He used to ride like the wind but now things have changed a bit
When on the horse he jumps in the saddle he fits.

You can hear Traci moan a mile away
She jumps and flips for half a day
But he don't care he and she both enjoy the ride
She knows her friend is by her side.

Used to be he was tall and slim and trim
But things have changed since way back then
But he can still sit in a saddle with  a pro look
He's so good you'd think he wrote the book.

By Harriett Dash 2001