Connie Mae

My life has been brighter since you came into my home.
My little dog Angel is no longer alone.
You have spoiled her to no end and on your lap she has to lay.
She whines and cries when you go away.

My life is better and I laugh all the time.
Even though it’s hard keeping you in line.
You shop for groceries like a woman on the run.
You make going to the movies so much fun.

We get the biggest kick out of everything we do.
I just want you to know Sis, I thank you.
Thank you for coming here and turning rain into sunshine.
You’re not just a sister, but you are mine.

I have a traveling companion to run with to the mall.
No matter what you’re doing, for me you’re always on call.
You clean like a Merry Maid and you’re spic and span.
We work together hand in hand.


Never thought I‘d find someone as neat as me.
But you hold your own, this I see.
So thanks again my sister for being here.
I pray God always keeps you near.


© By Harriett Dash