What can I say you don't already know
All our talks and trips to the movie show
We have laughed and cried and shared  innermost thoughts
We probably said a lot of things in hopes of not being caught
Its fun to have someone with hearts to share
Knowing for each other we will always be there

Days go by, weeks even months I feel
But ever time we are together, we know that we are real
No mask, no front but open minds and heart
I had so much fun I laughed till I  could cry
It even washed the makeup from my eyes

Then when people we would see
Real ladies we would have to be
You brought back youth and days gone by
Only in front of you could I laugh or cry
I guess if anyone saw us they would have to say
We were funny in a crazy way

Just riding around or sitting still
We had fun because we were real
God put us together when it needed to be
It was time for you and me
I can't put it on paper for the world to read
But when I think, I laugh.. know what I mean?

There were times when all we needed  was a special hug
A special moment sent from God up above
It was great the memories we made  during the day
No one can ever take them away

The night it hit the midnight hour
The open heart talks that gave us power
Those moments were not for the world to see
They were meant for you and me

A special Friend in times gone by.
Connie, thanks for the memories Dear Friend,
I still smile when I think of the fun we have had,
Memories that made us laugh and ones that made us cry.
I am sure there are people out there that share the feelings we had.

By Harriett Dash 1999     Home