Comfort Zone for Friends

For Lora Belle Oct. 9, 2002
 God Bless You

Here are two rockers that set side by side.
They donít just rock but together they glide.
They are set for friends to come and visit me.
Not just for looks but that you might see.

That I am here for you and with me you can relax and smile.
I will serve you tea and walk with you another mile.
I am a friend that can be used in many, many ways.
I am a friend indeed to be here many days.

Time is of no importance I have all there is need of.
I have a heart full of patience and a heart full of love.
I will be here in the summer and in the winter time.
All four seasons are yours and mine.

I am not just a temporary friend but I am as serious as can be.
Come sit by me in my rocker and you will see.
Relax and think of pleasant things forget all the past.
I am a friend for now and I will forever last.

I will cry with you and bring laughter into your life.
I will not tell you of my worries or fill your life with strife.
But I will share my rockers and bring you peace and joy forever.
The rockers were made in a land called endeavor.

For if we can endeavor all the pain and go on as friends.
For two will make it half as bad and worries will soon end.
But as for this moment peace is what I give.
From the land of rockers, where joy forever lives.

© by Harriett Dash 2002