Well my friend there you are on the very last pew.
With your family beside of you.
God has given you a family of love.
To be with you when He comes from above.

It makes me smile when I enter the back.
To know there's love in your funny wise cracks.
You always have a good word for me.
It makes me smile when your face I see.

I know the love of God fills your heart.
And from His calling you will never part.
For many years you have kept us straight.
Probably helped us through the pearly gates.

You've suffered sickness as we all can see.
You know what others feel and what healing can be.
God gave to a special gift for a reason.
Your rest will come in due season.

So just lean on Him the Saviour did say.
When you are through that will be your day.
You'll be strong and no longer pain you will feel.
You'll know forever more what I say is real.

The brightness of light through the darkness will shine.
Then he says you and yours will be mine.
Throughout eternity goes my love for you.
My way of thanking you for all you do.

By Harriett Dash 2001