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If we could  only pick out our child , the one of our dreams:
But this is too easy, they always belong to someone else it seems:
Why can't they be born already well trained:
And from mischief they will abstain:

Why is it when they hear the word demand:
Their mind goes off into a fairyland:
Why can they act like a feather-brain:
But as a parent we have to be constrained:

Once in a while we may get the upper hand:
But then all of a sudden our words they don't understand:
You can look them in the eye and say no point blank:
But they still think you are a savings bank:

They want a dollar you offer them change:
They look at you like you are de-ranged:
When they want something and you tell them no you are unfair:
They think because we are parents we are millionaires:

They turn on you and use sweet charm:
For a moment you feel as if you are dis armed:
Just because we are silver haired:
They think we are un prepared:

They don't know on our parents we used the same  thing as they:
We used it all to get our way:
I guess that's why on us they do embark:
They know for a fact we are an easy mark:

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